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Located in downtown Edmonton, Indian Fusion provides an intimate, and relaxing dinning experience. From the moment you step inside, your senses are engaged with the sites, sounds, and scents of an authentic East Indian restaurant. The warm and inviting decor provides the perfect accent to the menu of authentically prepared cuisine.


In the kitchen, there are a couple of differences that will make your experience at Indian Fusion even better. Indian Fusion uses a traditional Tandoor (clay oven) to prepare all of our oven baked dishes. Foods that are traditionally deep fried are instead prepared in the tandoor, which improves the taste and health of our meals.


Join us and choose from familiar favorites of Indian cuisine, or have your host guide you to new textures and flavors to stimulate your palate. Either way, you will leave with that feeling that only a satisfying dinning experience can provide.

There is nothing better than your mother's secret recipes. While we may not be able to match her secret recipe, we definitely strive to remind you of the special lady herself. At Indian Fusion we take great pride, and care in the quality of the food we prepare for you. We use only the freshest herbs, spices, and ingredients.


The difference is obvious when you take your first bite. Our recipes are rich, yet light; healthy and delicious. I am sure you will agree, we have captured the essence of a home cooked meal. Let our server know how spicy you like your food. On a scale of 1-5:



We also offer a choice between five cooking oils: Mustard Oil, Clarified Butter, Canola, Olive, and Coconut Oil.


As our dishes are prepared with a mixture of spices and herbs, not all are mentioned in the description. Please advise your server of any allergies and our chefs will try to accommodate your needs.




Main Courses

Fijian Main Courses


Beans & Lentils

Rices & Breads

Sides & Desserts


Tandoori Samosa 5.99

Triangular pastry Filled with seasoned potato

(baked not Fried)

Tandoori Salad  15.99

Variety of vegetables and fruits marinated and barbecued

Paneer Tikka  15.99

Cubed cottage cheese marinated and barbecued with bell pepper and onion

Chicken Tikka 17.99

Marinated chicken breast roasted in a clay oven

Beef Tikka 17.99

Marinated beef cubes roasted in a clay oven

Tandoori Chicken Half 16.99   Full 25.99

Roasted Chicken

Indian Fusion Mixed Grill  28.99

Variety of meats and seafood with vegetables


Fijian Appetizers

Fijian Lamb Chops 18.99

Fresh lamb chops sauteed with Fijian flavours

Bula Chicken  25.99

Whole, bone in, chicken marinated with olive oil, soy

sauce and Fijian flavors, served with pineapple

Fijian Main Courses

Dal Viti 15.99

Red lentils cooked with onion, tomatoes, curry leaves and Fijian spices

Pumpkin Chokha  15.99

Fresh pumpkin with onion, tomatoes and Fijian spices (House Special)

Aloo Baigan  15.99

Potatoes and egg plant cooked together in a mix of spices

Breadfruit Curry 15.99

Cubes of breadfruit cooked in a curry sauce

Jack Fruit Masala 15.99

Cubes of jack fruit cooked with onion, tomatoes and spices


Goat Surva  19.99

A true Fijian goat curry

Lamb Surva  19.99

A true Fijian lamb curry

Rooster Julum  19.99

Fresh rooster prepared in a traditional Fijian style

Seafood Medley  21.99

Basa Fillet, jumbo prawns, and clams in island sauce and coconut milk

Fijian Fish Curry  19.99

Basa Fillet delicately cooked in Fijian curry sauce

Roro Fish  19.99

Basa Fillet simmered in coconut based spinach sauce



Mixed Vegetable Curry  15.99

Combination of fresh vegetables cooked in curry sauce

Aloo Gobi 15.99

Potato and cauliflower cooked in brown sauce

Zeera Aloo  15.99

Cubes of potatoes cooked in mild curry sauce with yogurt and flavoured with cumin

Palak Aloo  15.99

Potato and spinach cooked together

Baigan Bharta 15.99

Smoked egg plant with chopped onion, tomatoes and green peas

Bhindi Masala 15.99

Baby okra cooked with chopped onion, tomatoes and potatoes

Vegetable Korma  15.99

Mixed vegetables in cream sauce with saffron, cashews and rasins

Beans and Lentils

Dal Masoor  15.99

Boilled red lentils sauted in cumin, chopped onion, and tomatoes

Dal Makhni  15.99

Black lentils and kidney beans slow cooked and finished with cream, ginger and garlic

Channa Massala 15.99

Boilled garbanzo beans sauteed with onion and tomatoes finished in curry sauce


Plain Rice  4.99

Steamed basmati rice

Saffron Rice 5.99

Basmati rice flavoured with Indian spices and saffron

Coconut Rice  6.99

Coconut flavoured basmati rice

Vegetable Pulao  12.99

Basmati rice and mixed vegetables cooked together

Kashmiri Pulao  14.99

Strongly flavoured white basmati rice cooked with raisins, cashews, and fruit cocktail.



Highly seasoned basmati rice cooked with your choice of Chicken  17.99

Lamb  17.99

Beef  17.99

Fish  17.99

Prawns  21.99

Vegetables  12.99


Tandoori Roti 3.99

Whole wheat bread

Plain Naan 3.99

Leavened white flour bread

Garlic Naan 4.99

Leavened white flour bread coated with garlic

Coconut Naan  4.99

Leavened white flour bread coated with honey and coconut

Stuffed Kulcha  5.99

Naan stuffed with mashed potatoes, onion and spices


Plain Yogurt  4.99

Homemade plain yogurt


Vegetable Raita  5.99

Homemade yogurt mixed with cucumber, onion,

tomato and roasted cumin seeds


Mango Chutney 1.99

Imported fresh mango chutney similar to plum sauce


Mixed Pickles 1.99


Kachumber Salad  4.99

Cucumber, tomatoes, and onions flavored with salt,

sugar and lemon juice


Hot Tamarind Chutney  4.99


Hot Tomato Chutney  4.99


Gulab Jamun 3.99

Milk balls in sugar syrup


Fruit Salad 4.99

With whipped cream


Pumpkin Kheer 4.99

Homemade pumpkin pudding

Welcome Home,

All You Can Eat Lunch Special

Available 11am - 2pm


Includes -  Two meat dishes | Two vegetables | Rice dishes | and Naan bread

Lunch Box

Available 11am - 2pm


Includes - One meat dish | Two vegetables | Rice | and Naan bread

Butter Chicken Box

Available Regular Hours


Includes - Butter Chicken and Rice


Dinner Specials

Please check our daily chef special - À la carte

Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri  •  11:30am - 8:30pm

Saturday  •  12pm - 8:30pm

Sunday  •  12pm - 8:00pm

10322 111 St  Edmonton, Alberta

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